Aloe Vera Leaf

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Inside the Leaf

The first time I saw the gel inside the leaf of an aloe vera plant, I wasn’t expecting anything extra special. So what I saw really surprised me. The entire area below the outer rind looked like a jewel or crystal, with this sparkly almost iridescent quality to it. I poked my finger into the gel and was blown away by how cool and refreshing it felt against my skin.

3 Pounds Organic Extra Large Aloe Vera Barbadensis Green Leaves

Wait, what? I thought these things only had slime or juice inside their leaves.

I guess you have to see it yourself in real life to get the beauty of the inner leaf. I did. So now I’m on a mission to show you the inner layers and get you excited about the gel inside.

Stay tuned for what you need to know before planting your first aloe vera plant, along with tips for caring for it, too.

The aloe vera leaf is made up of the following 4 layers:

The Rind

The rind or hard outer layer is green and tough. It is a protective layer and can be up to 2mm thick. It is needed for the photosynthesis process.

The Sap

Below the rind layer we find the sap or bitter layer, which is a fibrous layer where the aloin is located (a bitter ingredient which the plant uses to protect itself from predators and sometimes used as a laxative).

The Mucilage

Below the sap we find the mucilage layer, very rich in sugar including acemannan. It is this layer that gives the leaf its amazing stickiness. The mucilage holds the gel.

The Gel

Below the mucilage we find the gel, also called parenchyma layer. Here’s where the water is kept. The gel is what’s generally used in aloe vera products. This layer is thick and transparent and is where most nutrients are stored.

There’s nothing quite like the inside of an Aloe vera leaf. It’s so rich and so cool to the touch! I love using it in smoothies as it contains an incredible amount of vitamins and nutrients that can help with a range of health issues. I also I do use Aloe vera gel for my hair, for burns and other skin issues too.

3 Pounds Organic Extra Large Aloe Vera Barbadensis Green Leaves

So, my advice: If you’re going to buy an aloe vera plant, I suggest making sure you find one that has a nice thick leaf with a good amount of mucilage and gel. You can tell by pressing your finger against the leaf and feeling how it bounces back nicely.

The Aloe vera leaf is known for its nutritional and healing benefits. It can help to clear up acne or eczema and moisturize, heal and smooth out dry skin with its wonderful gel.

Aloe vera makes it an exceptional ingredient for products that help with overall health and beauty. Some products include aloe vera gel, shampoo , face wash , moisturizers, sunscreen , deodorant…

Two Aloe Vera Leaf Cuttings 2 Pounds !!

I’ve been using my own Aloe vera gel now for quite some time and I am always amazed by its cooling, soothing ability. Aloe vera gel is also excellent for my hair, too. I use Aloe vera for my scalp to help with dandruff and to help grow thicker healthier hair. It makes my curls look stunning, I might add!

So, when you’re ready, feel free to buy your own aloe vera plant and see the inner layer for yourself. You will be glad you did. I promise.