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African Black Soap in Liquid Form: Why We Love It

Lynn has fallen in love with African black soap in liquid form. I find it too liquidy but she seems happy despite the fact. Here’s the story.

The Story

We went down to Brixton in London to get some shea butter for our DIY cosmetics recipes as well as some black African soap, which I had been using for a while.

Lynn then tried the black African soap and really, really liked it. So she was very excited when we went to Brixton to get some African soap in liquid form!

(Plus some lovely caribbean food we had. Yes. Really lovely).


The Black african liquid soap we bought comes in a really cheap bottle so as you can see from the pic the label is already very damaged. The plastic lid broke when the bottle fell very easily. Also there are no ingredients listed so we can’t see what’s really in it, and finally, the soap itself is very, very watery so it comes out very quickly which makes it easily spillable, but I suppose that’s from not having any thickening agents.

Liquid Black African Soap Benefits

Since I’m writing this post, I’ve decided to look for the benefits. Here’s what I found (from here and here):

  • checkAddresses skin irritations
  • checkExcellent deep pore cleanser
  • checkRich in antioxidants
  • checkReduce skin oiliness
  • checkUnclog pores
  • checkProtects sensitive skin

Looks promising. I’m going to ask Lynn now why she loves this soap so much.

Lynn’s Opinion on this Liquid Version of Black African Soap

Here’s what Lynn says:

On the product itself

I love it because you don’t need to use lots of product so it covers your body well. It comes up into a nice lather but when it washes away it leaves you feeling squeaky clean but not dry. You feel like you really washed.

On using it as shampoo

Your hair feels really clean, like you haven’t left lots of product in it. But it also hasn’t stripped everything out of your hair because when you go to dry it you think it’s going to be really hard to dry but your brush does go through your hair really well.

My hair is normally quite lank (dead straight and flat) and it has given it a little bit of body, so I like that. And I like the smell. I like the natural smell. It’s not too strong or pungent. It just feels natural. Natural and clean.

On the ingredients

I love the natural ingredients; the fact that you’re getting oils without stripping all your natural oils away is great.

African black soap liquid vs bar

I like the liquid version because it’s easier for me to use (you don’t have to put it in your hands and then leave the soap somewhere else, etc). This is cleaner and easier to use than the solid African black soap. You can put it into your sponge or flannel and it doesn’t stain like the bar. Afterwards, when you wash your sponge out it completely clears the product away (with other liquids you feel how it stays in the sponge). That’s also a good sign.


Just be careful when poring because it comes out very quickly (it’s very liquid-y) and you don’t need to use very much of it.

Lynn Loves It

There you have it. We’ve only tried this particular one we bought in Brixton so we can’t really recommend the best liquid African black soap in the market but I’m sure they’re more or less quite similar if the product comes from trusted sources.

Liquid Black African Soap: Amazon Link

I did some research on Amazon to find one with good reviews (the one we used is difficult to find anywhere on the Internet!) and came up with one that I think will do the job nicely.

It is a little thicker than the one we used and has sea salt as part of the ingredients. The reviews are very good, and I read the company’s story and liked it (Dr. Woods).


Do You Love African Black Soap Too?

Do you use African black soap in liquid form (or bar) and love it? Let us know what you think in the comments, especially what is it that you like about it, how is it benefiting you and why would you recommend it. Thanks!

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