Whipped shea butter on feet

Really Feeling the Benefits of My Homemade Whipped Shea Butter on My Feet Soles

I’ve been having lots of pain when walking – being in London at the moment means I have to walk quite a bit to get to places (distances are longer than, let’s say, back in Tenerife).

This means my feet hurt…. a lot at times. I’m not complaining, physical pain has never really been a problem for this body. After the spiritual awakening physical pain seems to be less and less controversial for the mind 🙂

But it did come to a surprise when I could feel an INSTANT sense of relief on my feet soles when applying my homemade whipped shea butter recipe for DIY lip balm​. Take a look at the link, I explain with pics step by step (easy, basically just whipping the shea butter but it’s always nice to see pics I think).

Anyway, I’ve been using this thick whipped shea butter on my lips, scar on my face and feet soles.

And, without expecting it, as it happens I’ve noticed that STRAIGHT AWAY my feet feel pain-free! Not sure how this is happening – I’ve tried a few times before writing this blog post entry just to make sure it’s not my imagination.

But it’s not. I’ve applied on one foot and left the other intact (basically my feet hurt every day even if I don’t do a lot of walking. Walking around the flat is enough to set the feet in pain-motion, I think it’s related to ageing and my menopause).

So for the past couple of days I’ve applied the whipped shea butter on one foot sole and left the other for a minute or so. I closed my eyes and concentrated on the ‘sense of a foot’ (can’t explain it any better). A little like trying to perceive how the senses tell me there’s a foot within my awareness, rather than understanding conceptually where the foot is and ‘placing it there’ in my mind. As I said, not easy to explain.

Anyway, the point is that the foot where I rubbed the shea butter was feeling ‘quiet’ while the other one was throbbing. Every time.

Then, I would apply the homemade whipped shea butter on my ‘throbbing foot’ and, voila!, foot would feel INSTANTLY relaxed.

What a discovery! It must be the healing powers of shea butter. I also tried massaging the foot without the shea butter to see if this was the cause of the instant relief but the foot was feeing painful still.

Now I can’t wait to rub my feeties with the whipped shea butter. For one, it feels great ANYWAY. But the added benefit of the pain going… beautiful. 

As you can see on the pic above, I need to refill my container! 🙂

**Also check out my shea butter on face before and after post.

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