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101 Self Love Quotes you Haven’t Read Anywhere Else

Self-love is all about having a positive mindset. You must be able to love yourself before you can love anyone else.

It takes work and dedication, but once you get there, the results are undeniable. You will be happier, healthier, and more confident than you ever thought possible.

Find below 101 self love quotes that will help you realize that you are special and worth loving.

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Think about these quotes and have them on hand to help you through the difficult times.

  1. “You are so beautifully and wonderfully made; you don’t need to be what others want you to be. You have everything you need within yourself.”
  2. “Worth, ultimately, is created from within. Nobody can give you worth or self-esteem or confidence, all people can do is give you the opportunity to find these things within yourself.”
  3. “Have the courage to accept the best and beauty of who you are and always keep striving for all the promise that lies ahead.”
  4. “What other people think or say of me doesn’t matter. I can make my own choice with respect to who I am and how I feel about myself.”
  5. “I always remember that I am perfect the way I am, that I am beautiful and strong, smart and desirable. I know who I am and will not forget that.”
  6. “Love yourself for everything you are. Loving yourself is the best thing you can do for someone else.”
  7. “If you are going to be loving yourself, you must first realize that you are worthy of it in order to accomplish this, you must have self-love.”
  8. “Self-love is the most important thing in the world. When we love ourselves, we will automatically be able to love other people more and better.”
  9. “It takes a lot of courage and strength to stand up for what is right in your own life. You’re doing just that by standing up for yourself.”
  10. “A negative self-image is a breeding ground for unhappiness, insecurity, sadness and depression.”
  11. “Remember that every negative self-thought or feeling you have is just that, a negative thought or feeling. It is nothing to be ashamed of.”
  12. “Hard work and good luck don’t last long when someone else provides the motivation to go for it.”
  13. “Sometimes we fight hard to try to change our minds about things. But if we don’t fight hard enough, we may never change our minds.”
  14. “It takes a lot of courage to face ourselves and let go of various things that are holding us back.”
  15. “Your opinion of yourself will more than likely change as you learn more about yourself and the way the world works.”
  16. “I feel good because great thoughts make me feel great, and I think only happy thoughts.”
  17. “We have to love ourselves because no one else can fully love us.”
  18. “If we don’t have love for ourselves, how can we expect it from others?”
  19. “You must feel good about yourself before you can feel good about anything else in your life.”
  20. “It is a privilege to be who you are, and that privilege should be cherished.”
  21. “We will always know ourselves better than anyone else does.”
  22. “Keep yourself from overextending yourself and learn to say no to things that drain you emotionally, physically or mentally.”
  23. “From time to time, we all need a reminder that we’re not alone in our struggles. Self-love is one of the best reminders of this.”
  24. “You don’t have to be a genius or the smartest person in the world… You just have to be sincere in your efforts and love yourself.”
  25. “To understand ourselves is wisdom. It is the only way to achieve understanding of others, who are different from us.”
  26. “Self-love is an ingredient for success and happiness in life, along with many other things.”
  27. “Better yourself every day and keep a positive attitude and you won’t have anything to worry about.”
  28. “Remember you are the only one who can own your life.”
  29. “You should not let anyone else tell you what to do or how to feel or what to think because you are the master of yourself.”
  30. “We all have different personalities, and we can discuss things with others if needed, but we all have our strengths and weaknesses, and we are all special in our own way.”
  31. “Always take care of yourself and stay healthy, it is your number one priority. Take care of your mind, body and soul because nothing else matters if you don’t take care of yourself first.”
  32. “Believing in yourself is such an important part of success in life because it helps you to think more positively about things.”
  33. “You deserve to do something nice for yourself very often.”
  34. “You cannot maintain a positive mental attitude if you don’t start with a positive self-image.”
  35. “True self-love is the total opposite of being liked and getting approval from others.”
  36. “Being happy in life falls on the choices we make, but at the same time, our happiness is dependent on how we feel about ourselves, day in, day out.”
  37. “You will never succeed if you don’t know who you are and what your purpose is in this life. You can never be successful if you are unhappy being yourself.”
  38. “You are perfect, not because there are no faults in you, but because you’ve looked at your imperfections and improved.”
  39. “Nothing can make you happier than making yourself happy.”
  40. “We all have faults and weaknesses, but we should not let them be the reason for our unhappiness because we will always be able to overcome those things if we only try.”
  41. “It will take a lot for us to stand up for what’s right in the world. But it will only take one person to do something big for us. We can all make a difference.”
  42. “If you are going to be loving yourself, you must first realize that you are worthy of it in order to accomplish this, you must have self-love.”
  43. “It is important for us to love ourselves because it will help us to be able to love others better.”
  44. “The way we see ourselves is the way we will be and feel. That is why it is so important for us to like ourselves.”
  45. “You need to put yourself first because your happiness should be your number one goal in life.”
  46. “You will always be able to accomplish what you want in life if you stay focused and think positive.”
  47. “It is a privilege and an honor to be who you are, and we should all cherish that and never let it go.”
  48. “You need to love yourself first and foremost in order to be able to have a successful relationship with someone else.”
  49. “It is important for us to love ourselves because it will help us to like who we are more and make better decisions.”
  50. “Take care of you.”
  51. “It was difficult for me, but it was also something that I wanted. I made the decision to give myself a break, and that’s exactly what I did.”
  52. “They say everything happens for a reason, and sometimes we just have to take it as a lesson.”
  53. “There are never any regrets in life if you live it to the fullest.”
  54. “We all make mistakes sometimes, but if we love ourselves enough, we can learn from them.”
  55. “It’s good to learn from our mistakes and grow from them.”
  56. “As long as you are breathing you have the ability to love yourself and just enjoy life.”
  57. “You should never let repeat yourself. Why? Because you always have the ability to do better and love yourself.”
  58. “We always have to love ourselves because if you don’t know anything else, you can still be happy with yourself.”
  59. “I’m open to changing my mind about things if it benefits me in the long run, but I will try not to change for other people.
  60. “It is not a bad thing to feel like you do not love yourself in the way that you should. It is okay! People who love themselves are not perfect, they are just happy.”
  61. “It is important to love and support people who have something to teach us, even when we do not want to hear what they have to say.”
  62. “Always keep your head up and work past anything that is holding you back.”
  63. “You deserve to be loved, but you also deserve to love yourself first.”
  64. “Having the confidence to love yourself is such a big part of life.”
  65. “Just do what is best for you because that’s what is going to make you happy, and that’s what will make you successful.”
  66. “Never put your own happiness at the bottom of your list, it is the most important thing that you must always take care of. You want to be happy, right?”
  67. “We all have our flaws, but we should never let them define us or make us unhappy.”
  68. “You deserve a nice life and you can do anything you want to. If someone is putting you down, tell them that you are very proud of yourself.”
  69. “Love yourself before anyone else does, because it is the most important thing in this world.”
  70. “Be kind to others, but be kind to yourself first and foremost.”
  71. “It is okay to make mistakes in your life, as long as you take something from it and grow from it!”
  72. “Love yourself so you can live your dreams.”
  73. “If you love yourself before anyone else does, it will make you a better person and make you happier.”
  74. “If you want to be happy, just take some time for yourself every day.”
  75. “You should learn to love yourself more and more. If you do that, it will help you in your personal relationships with other people.”
  76. “You should always try to think positive and not get down on yourself.”
  77. “Never take yourself too seriously, it is not healthy for you.”
  78. “Love yourself and you will never NEED to someone to love you.”
  79. “You will never be as great as you can be in your life if you are let other people make you feel bad about yourself.”
  80. “You should never let other people tell you that you are not good enough.”
  81. “Love yourself first so that you can love others with no regards to anything else.”
  82. “You have to love yourself before anyone else does.”
  83. “Love yourself, believe that you are a good person, and do whatever it takes to prove it to yourself.”
  84. “Don’t let anyone put you down for who you are or for what you think is right in life.”
  85. “You should love yourself even though you did not get the grades you wanted.”
  86. “Happiness starts from within, so you should always be happy within yourself.”
  87. “What others think about you is not what is important, it’s how you think of yourself.”
  88. “You have to put yourself in a positive state of mind if you want to make better decisions for your life.”
  89. “Don’t let anyone ever tell you that you cannot do something.”
  90. “If you want to be successful in life, then you should take care of who you are and your happiness.”
  91. “You should never try to be someone else, just because they are more popular than you are. You should always love yourself and keep being yourself!”
  92. “You should always love yourself even when you are angry or sad.”
  93. “You should never let anyone ever make you feel bad about who you are.”
  94. “If you love yourself, then you will never need anything to get someone because they will just be attracted to how great and kind and caring you are.”
  95. “You should believe in yourself, wherever your dreams may take you in life.”
  96. “You should never be afraid to express yourself and show other people who you really are.”
  97. “You should love yourself and do what is best for you, because that is how you know that you will be happy.”
  98. “We always have to love ourselves more because we are the only ones who really know if we are doing something wrong or not.”
  99. “Never let anyone put you down because of who you are or want to be.”
  100. “Never let any one else dictate how you feel about yourself.”
  101. “Be positive, because negativity is a bad thing for your mind and body.”
  102. “We all have our own personal flaws and imperfections, but that’s what makes each one of us different from each other.” “

Keep loving yourself!

Patri ❤️💕

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