Herbatint Hair Color: Herbatint Review with Before & After Photos

Last updated on April 2nd, 2023 at 06:29 pm

Herbatint Hair Color Review & Why we Bought this Product 

I had never heard of Herbatint hair color til Lynn needed to dye her hair and we suddenly were forced to look for a natural solution that worked.

We had never used any natural hair dye brands before, and I’m not an expert in applying permanent color to the hair either, so it was all a little cumbersome. I was willing though, and she was desperate.

On our visit to a herbalist we found Herbatint amongst other natural dyes and after much deliberation we decided to purchase it.

Find below about the product, what we thought and results.

Herbatint Hair Dye as a Natural Option

According to the box, Herbatint permanente haircolor does a 100% grey cover, it has 8 herbal extracts (more on that below), it is free from ammonia, resorcinol, parabens, alcohol and fragrance and apt for sensitive skin.

We were attracted to the idea of a natural dye and Herbatint checked all the boxes.


Herbatint permanent herbal haircolour is a permanente hair color dye kit that comprises 1 box containing: 1x Herbatint haircolor gel container (60ml), 1x developer plastic container (60ml), 1x Normalizing shampoo sachet, 1x Royal Cream (conditioner) sachet, 1x pair of plastic gloves and 1x instructions on 8 different languages (for photos see Herbatint Application Kit below). The box has up to 2 applications.

  • 1 bottle Herbatint haircolor gel 60 ml / 2 fl oz.
  • 1 bottle Developer 60 ml / 2 fl oz
  • 1 sample of Royal Cream 15 ml / 0,5 fl oz
  • 1 leaflet containing directions for use and gloves
  • There are 36 available color shades and you can also mix and match to find your own color tone for a more natural look. So, in general, a good range!

    For first time users, please note that the Herbatint Application Kit, containing a brush, measuring cup and protection cape is sold separately. This reduces waste as all items included are made to be re-used.


  • Since 1970
  • 100% Grey Cover
  • With 8 Certified Herbal Extracts
  • Up To 2 Applications
  • Natural and Healthy Shine Vibrant, Long-Lasting Color
  • No Ammonia – Alcohol – Parabens
  • Sensitive Skin – Dermatologically Tested
  • Gluten Free
  • Cruelty Free and Vegan
  • How Long Does it Last

    It says permanent, so we think until it grows out. So depending on how fast your hair grows.

    Our Rating

    We’re going to give Herbatint a 5 our of 5. The results are impressive, but also we like the brand and how Herbatint was created, the ingredients and company policy in general. So, yes, we’re going to give this a 5 out of 5.

    Who Benefits from this Natural Hair Dye?

    Anyone who wants to cover grey hair or add a tint to their hair tone. Anyone who wants to use natural ingredients and also wishes to benefit from organic herbal extracts. Anyone committed to using natural products will probably like Herbatint.

    A Little on the Company and Brand

    Herbatint is made by Antica Erboristeria in Italy (website here:). It was founded in Rome by Michele Albergo (in the 60s), an expert on the beneficial properties of the plants. 

    …in a sector dominated by large multinational companies producing ammonia-based hair colouring […] Antica Erboristeria introduced a totally innovative formula: a permanent hair colouring containing herbal extracts without the use of ammonia and with a very low percentage of hydrogen peroxide. [Source]

    The above together with green packaging, cruelty free ethos, vegan ingredients, Zero Impact Website and their commitment to respecting the planet make this a brand that sparks our interest. More on their sustainable products here. Also worth mentioning Herbatint awards and acknowledgements, more on this here in case you are interested.

    Also, in April 2016 they were recognised as a certified B Corporation.

    We believe all of these things are important when choosing the company you purchase products from, as we need to become aware of where our money is going.

    How We Came Across Herbatint

    With Herbatint permanent haircolor we wanted to dye Lynn’s hair because she was desperate to get rid of some blonde peroxide highlights, which to be honest were not looking that great in the end (pics below).

    On our visit to Baldwin & Co, in London, we unexpectedly bumped into a range of natural dyes. There was enough there for us to make a choice and the shop assistant also gave us a hand in deciding the shade (Lynn settled for 4C Ash Chestnut). Out of different natural hair dyes somehow Herbatint stood out for us. For starters, it was permanent, which was ideal for Lynn.

    Our First Impressions…

    The first thing that we liked was the price (really competitive). The great color range also helped because we knew we would find the needed shade (although it took us long to pick the right color). Also, this was the only natural hair dye which gave permanent results, exactly what we were looking for. But basically price and permanence ticked the boxes for us.

    When opening the box at home we LOVED the gloves! Not as thin as the gloves you get with other products! They were also easier to put on. There was plenty of product for 2 applications, which makes Herbatint an attractive option. The shampoo and conditioner were lovely! Plenty of it for the first application anyway, and really, really nice. These things might not look important, but they are. These are the touches that make a good product great.

    Even though Herbatint didn’t come with the brush and mixing container (which you can buy separately) we quite liked the idea about it saving on plastic waste. We are very much in favor of recycling so using the same utensils again and again is totally fine with us.

    We didn’t really look at any Herbatint color reviews after buying it (we didn’t want to prejudice us). I almost looked at a few Herbatint reviews prior to writing this article, just to check out the general sentiment around the product, but a last minute rethink made me stop. I wanted this review to have no influence from others, it felt right that it should be ‘untinged’ from what others’ experiences had been. So there you have it.

    Herbatint Ingredients

    Let’s have a look at both the herbal ingredients and full ingredients list.

    Herbal Ingredients

    Look at all the herbs this natural hair dye has! I am impressed – I’m not sure how ‘unnatural’ peroxide based dyes are, but this one surely got me excited.

    Let’s go through each of the ingredients on the list and their benefits, which I think is important.

    The herbal extracts are organic, which is a great plus. Here’s what the box says:

    Herbatint’s unique formula is enriched with the properties of 8 highly pure organic herbal extracts that perform a toning and soothing action, also protecting and enhancing colours. A true synergy between nature and technology, to protect the skin while colouring and nourishing the hair restoring its health and beauty.

    So, let’s have a look at each of them (the descriptions below are a mix of package description and their website herbal extract description.

    Protects and nourishes the hair while colouring. Vitamins and minerals perform an intense natural nourishing and anti-inflammatory action, also conveying the colour inside the hair fibers without damaging them.

    • Limnanthes Alba (Meadowfoam)

    Moisturizes and adds shine thanks to the oil extracted from its seeds that effectively restores the natural lipid barrier. E-F vitamins, protein, fiber, amino acids and glucose, give body and shine resulting in nourished hair, intense and long-lasting colour.

    • Betula Alba (White Birch)

    Toning and soothing properties. Its re-mineralizing and toning properties combined with its emollient effect regenerate and protect hair and scalp.

    • Cinchona Alisaya

    Strengthens and protects the scalp. Its bark extract tones and strengthens the scalp, thanks to its sebum-regulating action it protects both hair and skin.

    • Hamamelis Virginiana (Witch Hazel)

    Rich in flavonoids and essential oils, protects the scalp. Rich in essential oils, including acid oils, and flavonoids, it gives strength and shine to the hair, while performing an invigorating, soothing and purifying action.

    • Echinacea Angustifolia

    ​​​Natural purifying agent and moisturizer. Its skin-purifying and natural soothing action is performed by its active ingredients, including oils, acids, betaine and polysaccharides. Hydration, regeneration and nutrition of the hair associated with the protection of the skin.

    • Juglans Regia (Walnut)

    Intensifies colors, purifying agent. The antiseptic properties and nutrients of walnuts intensify and enhance the colour while maintaining the pH balance of hair and skin.

    • Rheum Palmatun (Rhubarb)

    Color enhancer and skin conditioner. It intensifies the colour and protects the skin giving brightness and tone to the hair, fixes the colour and performs an anti-inflammatory action.

    Full Ingredients List

    Herbatint Haircolor Gel Ingredients: Laureth-4, propylene glycol, aqua (water)*, PEG-2 oleamine*, ethanolamine, oleic acid*, p-phenylenediamine, 4-chlororesorcinol, aloe barbadensis (aloe vera) leaf extract*, hamamelis virginiana (witch hazel) leaf extract*, betula alba (birch) leaf extract*, echinacea angustifolia (echinacea) root extract*, juglans regia (walnut) shell extract*, rheum palmatum (rhubarb) root extract*, cinchona calisaya (cinchona) bark extract*, PEG-75 meadowfoam oil*, limnanthes alba (meadowfoam) seed oil*, tetrasodium EDTA, cetrimonium chloride, simethicone, sodium metabisulfite*, glycerin*.

    Developer Ingredients: Aqua (water)*, hydrogen peroxide, etidronic acid, trideceth-9, cetrimonium chloride, simethicone, propylene glycol, PEG-40 hydrogenated castor oil.

    Royal Cream Ingredients: Aqua (water*), citric acid*, cetyl alcohol, behentrimonium chloride, aloe barbadensis (aloe vera) leaf juice*, moringa pterygosperma (moringa) seed extract*, triticum vulgare (wheat) germ oil*, oryza sativa (rice) bran oil*, simmondsia chinensis (jojoba) seed oil*, PPG-3 benzyl ether myristate, methyl gluceth-20, ethoxydiglycol oleate, isopropyl alcohol, sodium dehydroacetate, sodium benzoate, parfum (fragrance), imidazolidinyl urea, tocopheryl acetate*, glycerin*.

    *Botanical and Natural Origin

    Contains phenylenediamine and hydrogen peroxide.

    The mixing ratio is 1:1.

    **The above information has been copied from iherb, but you can check against the photo above to confirm they’re all as specified.

    Herbatint Application

    Instructions were easy to follow. Find below what is printed on the side of the box:

    Easy To Apply

    Herbatint’s gel based hair color is easier than ever to mix and apply.

    Up to 2 applications

    Just use the amounts of color and developer you need! The leftover unmixed product can be stored for future applications.

    40 minutes for a perfect result

    Gentle and odorless formula creates a more pleasant coloring experience.

    Need to know: If you have more than 30% of grey and you wish to apply one of the C, D, R or M shades, it is suggested to mix your chosen color with a N shade of the same number. Full details in the instruction leaflet.

    And, yes, it was very easy to mix and apply. Just the time it took to cover the hair basically. The rest, no problem at all.

    Herbatint Before and After


    Lynn wanted to get rid of all the peroxided ‘bits’.


    Stunning results! The photos don’t really do justice to the fantastic results to be honest – so healthy looking and shiny! Gorgeous color as well!

    You can see a little of the shine on the first pic. Look at the second pic, so lush! So lovely!! As it says on the box: rich and deep color, hair looks beautiful and healthy. Yep, very true!

    Lynn wants to add that it didn’t sting and also it didn’t have that strong ammonia smell other non-natural products have. 

    Final Thoughts

    We liked HERBATINT a lot and we will be using it for the second application for sure. It’s been 3 weeks since Lynn had her hair dyed and she doesn’t feel like it’s faded at all. It still feels very soft and it hasn’t dried out. The covering of the bleach went really well and it is all very even. 

    Does it Work?

    Yes!! Lynn’s hair looked ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!! She’s dyed her hair so many times in the past and I’ve NEVER seen it this beautiful. So shiny and healthy looking! I loved it. We both did.

    What are the Pros & Cons?


    • All natural, with 8 organic herbal extracts
    • Easy to follow instructions
    • Price is very competitive
    • Good range of colors to choose from
    • Smell is lovely, product didn’t sting
    • Gloves are fantastic (the best we’ve ever had)
    • No fading, no dryness (3 weeks in)


    • Probably not that easy of a product to find (herbalists and specialized places)
    • Brush and container not included – it wasn’t a problem for us because we like the idea of recycling but others might prefer to have it all in one

    Overall Rating…

    5 out of 5. Lynn says this is the best dye she’s ever had (it’s also our first natural one, so we’re comparing with non-natural dyes). So far, natural is not just as-good-as, but better!

    Where to Buy Herbatint

    If you want to buy Herbatint online I suggest you go to Amazon. We bought ours in Baldwin & Co. as mentioned before, which means you’d probably find it in natural, herbal oriented stores. But if you don’t have any around you Amazon is always a good option.

    Before Herbatint hair color we didn’t know where to buy or if something like this existed; besides being EXTREMELY impressed with the results (I’ve never seen Lynn have such lovely hair from a dye!) we were really happy to stumble into it. Find below the Amazon link.

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    Herbatint Permanent Haircolor Gel, 3N Dark Chestnut, 4.56 Ounce

    Herbatint Permanent Haircolor Gel, 7N Blonde, 4.56 Ounce

    Herbatint Permanent Haircolor Gel, 5N Light Chestnut (5N) 4.56 Fl Oz

    Hair Coloring - (6N) Dark Blonde, 4 oz (2 Pack)


    1. Hi, I read a negative comment in Amazon fro a customer about that dye develope r component, containing chemicals…and she said it’s written in the ingredients! Can u plz advise?

      1. Hi – When I wrote the article I had less knowledge of ingredients as I do now due to the organic skincare courses I have done/am doing. Having said that, I’m planning on doing a course on hair formulation later this year or next year so I wouldn’t be able to answer your question accurately I’m afraid. I’ve investigated the ingredients (using EWG – Skin Deep Cosmetic Database – which is a very basic way of doing it) and, indeed, most of the ingredients not-in-bold on the ingredients list (look at the photo on the article showing the ingredients) do appear as somewhat hazardous. Now, I don’t have enough knowledge to state these are actually BAD for your scalp/hair. Being a hair dye I suppose some chemicals would have to be used to change the colour. I wish I knew more and will most definitely have a straighter answer as time goes by – in the meantime, if you’re worried and don’t trust online sources, probably your best bet would be to use Henna Powder For Hair Dye/Color (Lawsonia inermis – check it out on Wikipedia here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lawsonia_inermis), which is the flowering plant of the henna tree.

        The dye did work for us (well, for Lynn, I don’t dye my hair) and she was well happy with both the results and how it felt. She also noticed it was a lot less aggressive than other dyes she’d used in the past. Overall, I’d say that the most natural way would be to not dye your hair. I know it’s not easy for many people (I once heard a lady at my hairdressers say she would rather die than not dye her hair) so it can be quite extreme. Following that, you can at least go from harsh chemicals to something like Herbatint, which would be ‘more natural’ (it is sold in natural/herbal shops). The next step would be to go for something like Henna. And, from there, if possible, to just treat your hair with natural oils (argan, marula, etc), natural shampoos and conditioners and, most of all, with lots of acceptance and love. So, you can take it as a journey, a loving process that would take you from chemistry and using dyes to all-natural Henna and, finally, no dyes. I really hope this helps! Patri.

      2. Pre-testing a swatch of hair 48 hours in advance is a good way to prevent an overall product reaction, I.e discovering a hair color allergy the hard way.

        Bumps, burning and itching are indicators that a hair color product is too strong for you and for you to wash the product off immediately. No need to see a doctor.

        Yes, Herbatint is mostly natural, but you need hydrogen peroxide to develop the color accurately.

        I’ve used Herbatint for years and (happily) I’ve never had a chemical reaction. Just healthy, shiny, hair and highlights. My hair’s in better shape with Herbatint’s intensive conditioning formula in the color.

        I’ve done my friends ‘, family members ‘ hair and they were awed by the flowery fragrance, the lack of “salon smell” I.e excess chemicals and the rich gel that goes on, covers the hair easily.

    2. How are companies allowed to pretend their products is 100% herbal is beyond me. This shit contains all cancer causing chemical stuff u’ll find in drugstore hair dyes. Horrible

      1. Hi – I really appreciate your comment. We need to complain about products if they make false claims. I haven’t checked if Herbatint claims to be 100% herbal. On their website they have this page: https://www.herbatint.co.uk/about-the-brand/independent-toxicology-report-certification/, according to an independent toxicology report: “Comparing performance and toxicity, HERBATINT is their top choice.”. My article features Lynn having her hair dyed but I personally don’t use anything. My hairdresser makes comments every time I have a haircut but I find that the natural way is the most natural way. Hair goes grey, this is what happens. I’m totally fine with this and I see more and more women who prefer to leave their hair this way and it looks beautiful. Patri.

      2. Pre-testing a swatch of hair 48 hours in advance is a good way to prevent an overall product reaction, I.e discovering a hair color allergy the hard way.

        Bumps, burning and itching are indicators that a hair color product is too strong for you and for you to wash the product off immediately. No need to see a doctor.

        Yes, Herbatint is mostly natural, but you need hydrogen peroxide to develop the color accurately.

        I’ve used Herbatint for years and (happily) I’ve never had a chemical reaction. Just healthy, shiny, hair and highlights. My hair’s in better shape with Herbatint’s intensive conditioning formula in the color.

        I’ve done my friends ‘, family members ‘ hair and they were awed by the flowery fragrance, the lack of “salon smell” I.e excess chemicals and the rich gel that goes on, covers the hair easily.

    3. I am 64 years old and have been using box dyes for a long time. Lately my hair started dropping out in handfuls when I shower and felt dry and horrible. I researched natural products and came across Herbatint. I ordered 2N and also bought the shampoo and conditioner.

      First thing I noticed was my hair was back to it’s original colour and took years off my appearance. No more orange or red, just brown. I am so pleased. I only used half the mix so it is cheaper. I am very happy.

      1. Yes, I know exactly what you mean! The hair looked healthy, shiny and really ‘natural’, like the dye’s colour was the original hair colour, I did notice that. I think switching to natural products in general is such a good practice, it’s taking me years because we’re used to so many ‘unnatural’ ways of living (i.e. I can’t really shop for vegs at the supermarket, I’ve gone from the supermarket to grocery stores to farmers’ markets to growing my own!). My plan is to achieve this (self-sufficient) with as many things as possible. I’ve decided to not dye my hair as well. I’m welcoming Grey into my life, I do find it sexy! : ) xx

    4. I’m very concerned. I have been using herbatint for a number of years now but ever since you changed it to gel it’s NOT the same anymore. I’ve had a head full of hair and since you changed it to the gel formula my hair is falling out by the hand full. I get bumps in my head and the tint makes my head burn and itching all the time now. I’m very concerned. You need to take this product of the market. I will never use this product ever again!!!

      1. Hi – We’re not behind the brand, we only used Herbatint ourselves as you can see on the pics. Please contact them directly, thank you. Patri.

      2. Hi Nancy, You may or may not see this since it’s been awhile but wanted to post it anyway. I’ve been involved in a very healthy lifestyle for over 40 yrs. and although the hair color ‘could’ have caused this situation, I would first be looking into some other deficiency (vitamin – mineral) or even a food allergy, that could very well be the culprit. And if there is some health issue which may be thyroid, adrenals, etc., it’s possible coloring the hair might then be adding to the stress. Another thought – there are MANY other hair products that most definitely can cause scalp irritation, hair loss, etc. due to toxic ingredients, so you might check your other hair products.

        Perhaps you’ve contacted the company by now, but again, before accusing them of their formula, please check out other possibilities with your health needs. There are hundreds (probably thousands) of others who have used Herbatint for a long time without any problem.

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